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Grange Tower Bridge, London, 6-7 July

Runways UK

"It is vital to ensure that we have a fully integrated transport system that will increase capacity & enable future growth for freight & passengers"

Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor of London

Runways UK

"We want a cross-party commitment now to accept its final recommendations in 2015 to stop us going back to square one yet again."

Katja Hall, Chief Policy Director, CBI

Runways UK

"Getting it right on aviation capacity is absolutely vital for the UK's economic growth and prosperity. The Davies Commission offers that opportunity"

The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Dean of Thornton-le Fylde


"The AOA welcomes Runways UK's initiative to explore the long-term decisions facing the UK Government and the Airports Commission"

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive, Airport Operators Association


The Independent Platform for Airport Capacity Debate

Runways UK (RUK) is a pro-expansion, but airport neutral, event platform. Our events centre around discussion of the short, medium and long term aviation capacity needs of the United Kingdom as a whole, and to date have been timed to coincide with key milestones of the Sir Howard Davies Airports Commission.  The Commission released its Final Report on 1st July in which, of its three short-listed schemes for a new South East runway, it recommended Heathrow Airport's NW runway proposal.

Our most recent event - Runways UK 2015 on 6th and 7th July attracted over 500 delegates and provided an opportunity to hear key stakeholder analysis of, and reaction to, Sir Howard's recommendation.  This critically important and high profile debate marked the climax of nearly three years of detailed evidence-based analysis on the country's long-term aviation capacity and connectivity needs. The two-day event also considered how we make best use of existing resources prior to any new runway capacity coming on stream.  

Runways UK will continue to run events beyond the life of the Airports Commission, initially tracking the Government's decision-making process following Sir Howard's recommendation and more broadly, continuing to debate the UK's overall aviation capacity needs.


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RUK 2015 core themes included

  • Sir Howard's recommendation for the location of the UK's next runway
  • In depth analysis and reaction from politicians, the aviation industry, business, environmental groups, local communities, and the travelling public
  • Making the most of existing resources and meeting capacity needs in the interim
  • Generation of additional capacity through technological innovation
  • Legal and strategic planning to deliver Sir Howard's recommendation

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